Friday, September 25, 2009

Our house. In the middle of our street.

This is the Rex House. We lived between some Dead Heads and some organic gardeners. One of my favorite things about living here, is our street. We have everything from new homes like ours, to a yurt (seriously), to an architects home.
I am in love with this house. Obviously the iphone can't do it justice. You have to visit to get the full effect. They have a giant sunroom, or greenhouse, or something in their backyard.

Their chickens roam around the front yard. It's kind of one of those awkward situations where I'm not sure if this is something I should inform them of, or if this is something that's pretty normal. I mean, the rooster was almost hit by a bike.....
This is a studio of one of our other neighbors. Pretty cool huh? I really like that everyone is so friendly and laid back in our neighborhood. The Dead Heads sit out on the porch and listen to the band practice on Sundays. HOWEVER there is one thing that I do NOT like about this street. Enter exhibit A.

Oh sure he's pretty. But we have at least two of the roaming our street (i know right? crazy!). One of their favorite haunts is the roof of the house across the street from us. Well I guess the best way to explain their annoyance is for you to hear it yourself.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A study in Bobby behavior.

BUT I just want to help you sort the mail!
How could you? (Have you ever seen a more sarcastic look? unbelievable.)
But I'm so cute!
I know you want to clean the shower, but...
You should really forget about doing laundry.

Or any type of work.
( This is the real reason why I don't get anything done.) - L

This explains so much.

This is my closet.

This is Ben's closet

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ah the Oregon Coast. It's either this. By the by, yes, this is the Goonies beach.

Or this....brrrrrr....
Here is the Rex House, resident photographer, Aaron. Anything that you see on here that looks cool is probably because of him.
The thing about the Oregon coast, is that the Alaskan current runs right along our occasionally sunny shores. Notice the lack of swim suits in all of the following pictures. It's like dream to me. So instead of swimming in the frigid waters, you sit around, build a fire and enjoy the day.

Friday, September 18, 2009


The best thing about living in a cool place is that all your friends and family want to visit you. Here are just a few highlights from a very busy, and happy summer season. This first picture is a group of us that went to Crescent Beach, one of the most beautiful places in the world

Tanner and Jen came for a few months. We miss you guys!!
Andy. The trees are really really really tall here.
Andy using kelp as a lasso.
Stevie. We were lucky enough to have her come and stay for a few weeks. Come home soon!
John and Leslie came and stayed with us part of the time and then took a few days to go through some of the national parks in Washington. Here we are at the Screen Door which has a sweet potato waffle with fried chicken on top. Delicious. More on that later.
John with Mt. Rainer.
It was so much fun meeting Courtney's grandparents, Sharon and Lynn.

Thanks to everyone who made the trek out here this summer. We loved having everyone here! hYou guys made the transition to Oregon a little easier with every visit.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Planting

This is my yard. Portland is the greenest city I have ever been to, and we live in a house with a dirt yard. Ew.

That however is about to change! I went the Home Depot and bought three different types of bulbs to plant today.

I like the Ranunculus the most I think,

Planting is hard work!

This is one of the two stray cats that live in a three yard radius of us.
I swear, they can smell a sucker from a mile away.
Ben says I can't keep him. :(