Sunday, January 3, 2010

How bout them salmon?

We had a great time with my family on their visit! We had a rough start, with them being stuck in DFW for two days, but they finally made it. My Dad was ready to get some sightseeing in, so as soon as we ate at the Screen Door, we headed to the coast. What a beautiful day it was!
Here we are standing at Ecola state park which was stunning at sunset.

My mom's hair is eating Ben's face :)
We went out to Cannon Beach during low tide and were able to walk really far out.
I was ill prepared for the weather, so I grabbed our old beach towel out of the car.
Finally. Christmas! Ben gave me some GORGEOUS emerald earrings (he cheated).

The cats really liked their tuna and balls of yarn, but mostly they liked the wrapping paper and bags.
EEK. Bobby girl, you are scary.
The next day we took my family out to the Gorge and hiked down to Bridal Falls. It started snowing.

Multnomah falls was iced over. I have a knack for picking the worst weather for outdoor outings.
Exhibit A. "Hey guys, lets go on a hike! We can see some Salmon at the Wildewood nature center. " It was raining. Hard.
Beautiful trees, beautiful river, very wet car ride home.
All and all I thought it went over well. It was kind of neat to have my family stay in our home for the first time since Ben and I have been married. My parents and brother sure had their share of adventures, one which included being stranded at a bus station during an impromptu snow storm and then HITCHHIKING with some lady and a guy with a van. This of course is after I assured them that nothing with the bus system ever goes wrong. Awesome. We'll let them tell you that story. We spent a nice New Years at home with the family, but Courtney and Aaron went to go see Pink Martini with his Aunt and Uncle and had a very glamorous evening. They looked really cute too. Pictures to come later. Happy New Year from the Rex House.

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