Sunday, December 20, 2009

If you really love Christmas, come on and let is snow!

Merry Christmas! Almost! I just wanted to post a few pictures of our house at Christmas time. Above is our beautiful tree. Ben and I bought it from the Catholic church down the street and were really stoked about having a real tree until we brought it home. The guys that were selling the Christmas trees had been smoking pipes and the tree stunk like a black and mild for the first three days. Awesome. Since then however, it has been pretty wonderful having this very large plant in our living room. The cats have not even tried to climb it!

I put up the lights all by myself. Our neighbors came by a few nights ago and gave us the Bob Dylan Christmas album because they thought our house looked so festive :)

Gandi loves Christmas.
Here are our stockings and a bunch of Christmas cards from all of you lovely people!
This is our living room. It has changed since most of our visitors have come and I really like the new set up.
Mushu hiding puzzle pieces.
This is our Christmas photo that you will probably not be receiving in a card this year. My ambitions are always so high at the beginning of the season, but they just never pan out. I'm sure you are shocked. Only a few more days til my parents and brother get here! HOORAY!


  1. Santa Ghandi!

    House looks festive, you two look great, and Mushu looks deeevious as usual. love love miss miss

  2. Thanks for the photos. Merry Christmas to Rex House and all who dwell therein. Sharon & Lynn