Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tree Lighting!

The day after Thanksgiving, Portland lights the 75 foot tree in Pioneer Square. It was huge! And on a side note, Lindsay almost got arrested for jaywalking. Well not necessarily arrested, but yelled at by a policeman and then asked if she deserved a ticket. She told the policeman that she would rather not have that on her record. This really happened...jaywalking may be less accurate than let's say...walking into oncoming traffic because you weren't looking.
I had to include this picture because Ben's hair is sooooooooo long. He wants to donate it to locks of love soon. I don't want him to cut it all off. Does that make me a bad person?
After the lighting we went to the Deschutes brewery which turned out to be quite splendid.
Kate looks like she is a meercat.

Just in case you were wondering. I did not receive a ticket. I should have gone to law school.

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  1. Very cool Lindsay. You'd have made a great lawyer.
    Nice pictures.